Information System

is a Factor of Production,

Not an End in Itself

WeDoIT Oy and QFIX Oy have combined their expertise and strength on 1.8.2019.

Our IT support business has been transferred to QFIX Oy and at the same time, our company has become a shareholder of QFIX Oy.

Our web service production remains unchanged.

We are dedicated to enabling you to concentrate your resources on your area of knowledge. We will take care of your information system to make sure of it is functioning properly as one of your production factors.

The development of hardware, operating systems and software continues at an ever-increasing rate. Our objective is to keep up with this progress, continuously acquire more knowledge and skills, and to bring this know-how at your service.

We aim to be the most skilled and reliable partner in the field of IT support and maintenance.

Reliable and Professional IT Service

We provide companies and organisations with versatile IT services. Our wide range of services include IT support and maintenance services, as well as software, servers, terminals, and information security and cloud services. With our long experience, we have become known as a reliable operator, whose expertise you can count on.

Outsource Your IT Support

Our diverse experience in various industries and different size companies enables us to offer our expert IT support services to any operator. Problem solving is an integral part of our activities and we can help our customers to solve even difficult situations. As our customer, you can outsource everything related to IT support and maintenance.